WordPress Development

Including Woocommerce, plugins and responsive themes

Building and managing your own WordPress website can be a complicated task. Although the WordPress platform is designed to be easy to use, it still requires time consuming effort to get to know it well enough to manage the everyday stuff, never mind building it from scratch or dealing with the complicated issues that popup. This is time that you and most people probably don’t have. So if you are looking for experienced WordPress and Woocommerce developers, then you have come to the right place.

HOSTMYDOMAIN can build brochure, blog, forum or online store websites at a cost effective price that will impress your customers and website visitors. It can be a website redesign or a new build, but most importantly, it will be responsive and easy to use.

All our WordPress websites allow you to login and manage your own content and this is especially important when running a blog, forum or an online store.

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Professional Online Stores

We develop online stores with Woocommerce which in our opinion is the most cost effective way to get a store online and has a full featured implementation for what a core online store requires.  In the cases where your online store might require specialized functionality, for example to run a booking system with shared resources, a subscription based product, or dynamic product pricing depending on your customer type, additional purpose built Woocommerce plugins can be purchased to extend the required functionality. All selected plugins are built with speed and performance in mind.

Ultimately Woocommerce is an easier and far more cost effective choice than a Shopify or custom built solution.

Alternative Solutions

Although we support a few clients and their Shopify solutions, we choose not to build new implementations for Shopify. Over a period of time the monthly fees for Shopify well exceed those of WordPress & Woocommerce and result in some websites running at costs over 4 times as high.

With Shopify or even Squarespace you are stuck in terms of your hosting as they provide your website as a service. Whereas with WordPress and Woocommerce you can backup and transfer your website to any supporting host in the world, at a cost that suits you better. This means your WordPress website is your intellectual property and you can sell whatever you want to. You also have unrestricted access to all your website content which is private, and belongs to you. WordPress is also fully customisable which gives you far more freedom to do what you want to do.

Note that some plugins for WordPress and Woocommerce do require annual renewals, although these plugins don’t stop working if not renewed, they just won’t update to their latest versions and plugin developer support will not be available. Major WordPress updates will likely require plugins to be updated to their latest versions due to the core structural changes that might take place within the update.

Custom Website Development

Custom Builds seem great when a developer is selling you on the idea, but who can build a shop from scratch that includes ten’s of thousands of hours, and the skill set of hundreds of developers that WordPress and Woocommerce have had contribute to their platforms and plugins to make them well thought out and as optimized as they are. The total team effort behind developing WordPress alone is estimated to have taken over 150 people many years to build, which continues today, with an estimated cost of over R120 million. And who really wants to keep receiving large quotes to add functionality that really should have been there to begin with? Does adding stock management or product sale pricing to your previous builds ring any bells?

With WordPress and Woocommerce, the required functionality has already been built; it’s now time to focus on your store’s look and feel, and configuring the essential functionality to get your store to work in the way you require.

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Most cost effective way to get a store online and it has a full featured implementation for what a core online store requires
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