Answers to commonly asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we often encounter. If you require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will make every effort to provide you with a prompt response.

What are the financial considerations associated with creating a new website?

Once you have provided us with a clear explanation of your project, we will proceed to offer you an estimated cost for its development. The price of a WordPress website is determined by several factors, including the purchase of a theme, specific requirements, necessary plugins, and any integrations that may be needed. We will carefully analyze all of these elements and provide you with an estimate or an exact cost for your project accordingly. At that point, you can decide whether to proceed with us or explore other options.

Take note that our 5-page brochure sites start at a price of R12,000, while online shops consisting of 5 pages and containing up to 30 products begin at a cost of R28,000.

To learn more about our WordPress Development services or to request a personalized quote, please feel free to contact us.

What are your expectations from me as the client?

As the owner, your involvement in the website development process is just as crucial as ours. If you believe that your role ends with finding a competent web developer, it’s time to reconsider.

We will rely on you for several important elements, including your valuable time. Specifically, we will require the following:

  1. Advance payment: To initiate the work, we kindly request a 50% deposit.
  2. Conceptualization of your website: We will need a comprehensive understanding of your ideas for the website, as well as your vision or goals.
  3. Website content, images, and data: In order to create a compelling website, we will need you to provide the necessary content, images, and any other relevant data.

Your active participation throughout these stages will be vital to ensure the successful development of your website. Together, we can create an exceptional online presence that aligns with your objectives.

Will my website be mobile-friendly and adaptable to different screen sizes?

Ensuring that your website is mobile-responsive is a vital aspect that should not be overlooked. With an increasing number of users relying on mobile devices for their basic searches and browsing activities, it is imperative to prioritize mobile compatibility. Recognizing the significance of this matter, we emphasize its importance for both ourselves and our clients.

Will I have full ownership of my WordPress website?

Yes you will. Unlike Shopify or Squarespace, where your website is provided as a service, WordPress allows you to own your website as intellectual property. This means that you have full control over your website and the freedom to change hosts whenever the need arises.

To accomplish this, all you require are the following Logins:

  1. FTP Login
  2. WP Admin Login
  3. Control Panel Login

As long as all your fees are paid up to date with your current host, you should also have the option to transfer your domain. You can self-custody your domain, but note that you require knowledge to manage the DNS and protect the domain.

Can you enhance my website for better search engine optimization or improved search results?

Yes we can! The primary goal of a website is to attract visitors and generate qualified leads. However, achieving this objective becomes challenging if your website lacks optimization for search engines.

WordPress, being an SEO-friendly platform, offers numerous opportunities to improve the search compatibility of your site. It provides a range of plugins that can be utilized to enhance the overall performance and visibility of your website in search engine results.

Note that website loading speed can also affect your Google ranking.

Can you offer technical support and maintenance for our online business?

Occasionally, websites require routine upkeep that involves examining their code, updating the content on the site, and testing for any new bugs or errors that may arise when updating plugins and the WordPress platform to the most recent versions, among other tasks.

Even if you possess the capability to handle most of these tasks independently, we are here to offer our assistance should you encounter any issues with your website.

Please note that all support services are subject to appropriate billing.

I am currently looking for a new host. Can you provide any guidance in this matter?

Occasionally, things may not go smoothly with your existing web hosting provider. We are here to help you migrate your PHP or WordPress website to our servers without any charges. However, it is important to be aware that a free transfer necessitates transferring your domain administration to HostMyDomain. To ensure a seamless transition, you will need the following credentials:

  1. FTP Login
  2. WP Admin Login
  3. Control Panel Login
As long as all your outstanding fees have been settled, your current domain administrator should grant permission to transfer your domain to HostMyDomain.

Do you still have questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will do our best to assist you promptly.